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In 1949, the history of Indian Cinema entered a New Era when DEV ANAND, the extremely handsome, successful, firebrand young Lead Actor in his early twenties, established his own Movie Production Company--NAVKETAN FILMS. NAVKETAN means Newness in Sanskrit (An Ancient Indo - European language), and DEV ANAND formed his Company with the Sole purpose of making entertaining films for India and the World. By the time NAVKETAN's "BAAZI" (The Wager) was released in 1951, DEV ANAND was already a Superstar in India and being noticed by the Stalwarts of the Movie Industry Worldwide. He had come to be known as the "Evergreen Romantic Superstar of Indian Cinema". A string of Mega-Hits followed for him as Lead Player, as he became Actor of choice for every prominent and aspiring filmmaker. He starred opposite every Heroine of the day.

NAVKETAN quickly became a force to reckon with. Initially, DEV ANAND's brothers Chetan and Vijay, joined him in his efforts to achieve his objectives. Many memorable films were made by them. But as time rolled on, DEV ANAND began to infuse new talent into his NAVKETAN. He completely took charge of the reigns, and his Film Production Company became a Platform for some of the greatest films ever to be made in the history of Indian Cinema. In 1958, NAVKETAN's "KAALA PAANI" won Two Filmfare Awards with an Award for 'Best Actor' going to DEV ANAND. In 1960, NAVKETAN's "HUM DONO" (The Two of Us) was selected as India's entry for the Berlin International Film Festival. Then in 1964, DEV ANAND produced "GUIDE"-a landmark in Indian Cinema. "GUIDE" went on to win Filmfare Awards in 5 Categories including 'Best Actor' for DEV ANAND. DEV ANAND Co-Produced the English version of "GUIDE" with the late American Nobel Laureate Pearl S. Buck (of "The Good Earth" fame). "GUIDE" was India's entry for the OSCAR that year. DEV ANAND and his NAVKETAN FILMS had become generic household names worldwide.

NAVKETAN had evolved, and so had DEV ANAND the Lead Actor. Eventually, DEV ANAND'S creative sensibilities got the better of him and he started writing and directing his own Motion Pictures. In 1969, he directed "PREM PUJARI" (Devotee of Love). Since then he has directed 17 Motion Pictures. DEV ANAND has made his films--under his NAVKETAN FILMS banner--from his keen awareness of happenings around the World and from his sometimes impetuous flair for escapist fantasy. In 1972, the DEV ANAND directed film "HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA " assumed Cult Status. In 1978, his Blockbuster "DES PARDES" (At Home & Abroad) was lauded for its contemporary theme on the illegal immigration of Indians to the West. In 1982, he directed "SWAMI DADA" ( An Ascetic & A Kingpin) a film based on an Indian Godman seduced by an American Girl. Then in 1989, his "SACCHE KA BOL BALA" (Truth Will Prevail), based on an upright journalist fighting injustice was noticed and acclaimed. More recently, his "LOVE AT TIMES SQUARE", a romantic story set around the time of the tragic September 11th incident in New York City, was given good reviews by the American Press. NAVKETAN FILMS has till date Produced 35 Motion Pictures-all of which have stood the test of time.

In 1984 DEV ANAND introduced his son Suneil in his ambitious "ANAND AUR ANAND". Suneil has starred in five films since then. Three of his films have been Produced under the NAVKETAN FILMS Banner. He recently directed his first film for NAVKETAN FILMS - "MASTER"

And now, NAVKETAN FILMS, DEV ANAND's Powerhouse Film Production Company continues to look ahead as it embarks on its MOST PRESTIGIOUS INTERNATIONAL FILM VENTURES - "SONG OF LIFE", An American Musical to be shot in the United States with a Predominantly American Cast and with the Musical Score being rendered by American composers, "BEAUTY QUEEN" , a film that will be shot in India, and then by an International Action Adventure to be directed by his son, SUNEIL ANAND.

Today DEV ANAND, the INDIAN MOVIE ICON and his NAVKETAN FILMS are recognized as INSTITUTIONS. Their contribution to the INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY and to WORLD CINEMA is phenomenal and paralleled by none in India and a few Worldwide.


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